Professional Help From an Adolescent Counselor

Signs Your Teenager Needs a Counselor

The teen years are a time of emotional, psychological, and physical development. For many teenagers, this period can be full of difficult decisions, stress, confusion, and pressure from peers, family and society. If your teenager is displaying signs of mental distress or having difficulty coping with the pressures of teenage life, it may be beneficial to seek professional help from a qualified adolescent counselor. Keep an eye out for the following signs that your teen may need counseling assistance:

Changes in Appearance or Hygiene

If your teenager has stopped taking care of their personal appearance, such as wearing different clothes or not showering or brushing their teeth regularly, this could be a sign of depression or other mental health issues.

Withdrawal from Activities and People

If your teenager suddenly stops participating in activities they used to enjoy, or if they are isolating themselves from family and friends, this could be a sign that something is wrong. It may indicate feelings of low self-worth or depression.

Changes in School Performance

If your teen suddenly starts getting poor grades or is skipping classes and tests, it could be a sign of anxiety or depression. A qualified counselor can help them identify and address the underlying issue that may be causing this change in behavior.

Excessive Anger or Irritability

If your teenager exhibits sudden outbursts of anger, is quick to become irritated or frustrated, or constantly argues with authority figures, it could be a sign that they are struggling to cope with stress. A counselor can help them deal with their emotions in a healthy way and develop techniques for managing overwhelming feelings.

Risky Behaviors

Engaging in risky behaviors, such as drinking alcohol or using drugs, is often a sign of deeper emotional issues that need to be addressed. A counselor can help your teen explore the root of these behaviors and find healthier ways to cope with their feelings.

If you need the assistance of a licensed adolescent counselor in Sherman Oaks, CA, call Adrien Survol Rivin PSYD at (818) 784-7107 to make an appointment.

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